A special pastry for
special occasions.

Croquembouche by Jean-Marc Chatellier
Photo: © Richard Kelly for WQED Multimedia

(Pronounced crow-come-bush.) French for “cracks in your mouth.” Cream puffs are made from scratch and filled with custard. Then they are coated with caramelized sugar, arranged in a cone shape and decorated with elegant pastillage flowers and Jordan almonds. Starting at the top, guests remove the puffs one by one to enjoy this French delicacy. Popular in France for weddings and other special occasions. Popular here as a festive centerpiece for the dessert table of weddings or large parties.  

Available in one size, 80-90 cream puffs.

 Additional puffs may be ordered and arranged around the base. Must be consumed the same day.

Not available during warm, humid weather, generally June-Sept.

“The croquembouche was wonderful! Thank you for making our wedding day extra special. All the guests loved the change and enjoyed the ‘croquembouche experience.’” Denise and Toby

“I just had to drop you a note to tell you that my husband and I just returned from Paris. While we were there we saw a croquembouche in the window of a patisserie. It brought back wonderful memories but wasn’t as lovely as the one you made for us.”

Kathleen and Bryan


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