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Look below for descriptions of cake flavors and the available serving sizes.

Most cake flavors are available in single serving size daily in our storefront.

Cake Flavors

Chocolate Gourmet Cakes:  Chocolate Mousse, Raspberry Mousse, Black Forest, German Chocolate

Vanilla Gourmet Cakes:  Fresh Raspberry, Fresh Strawberry, Burnt Almond

Special Gourmet Cakes:  Cappuccino Tiramisu, Opera, Carrot

French Buttercream Cake:  Vanilla, Chocolate or Half & Half cake.  Choose Vanilla or Chocolate Buttercream icing.

Layer Cake:  Available in store daily.  Message written while you wait.  Cake is 9″ round, Half & Half cake, Iced with Vanilla Buttercream. serves 8.

Tarts as Cakes: Choose any 8″ Tart and have your message written on a Marzipan plaque.

Serving Size

Note: Available sizes vary for each cake flavor.

9″ round (serves 12-14)     

quarter sheet (serves 15-18)     

half sheet (serves 35-45)  

full sheet (serves 70-90)

You will get more or less depending on how large you cut each slice.  We always suggest cutting smaller slices. This allows guests who want more to have seconds, and guests who want less to not have uneaten cake.

Chocolate Gourmet Cakes

Cake choices: Chocolate Mousse, Raspberry Mousse, Black Forest, German Chocolate

Chocolate Mousse:

Chocolate cake layered with  chocolate mousse, covered with chocolate ganache. Refrigerate.

9″ round   or  half sheet

Raspberry Mousse:

Chocolate cake layered with raspberry mousse, covered with chocolate ganache.  Refrigerate.

9″ round  or   half sheet

Black Forest

Chocolate cake, layered with chocolate mousse and whipped cream, a thin layer of cherries, covered with dark Belgium chocolate. Refrigerate.

9″ round   or    half sheet

German Chocolate

Chocolate cake layered with chocolate mousse, topped with a mixture of coconut, caramel, and finely chopped pecans. Refrigerate.
9″ round   or   half sheet

Vanilla Gourmet Cakes

Cake choices:  Fresh Raspberry, Fresh Strawberry, Lemon Raspberry,  Burnt Almond

Fresh Raspberry

Vanilla cake layered with French Buttercream, fresh raspberries throughout, iced with French Buttercream. Serve at room temperature. Refrigerate if serving a day or more later.
9″ round,        quarter sheet   or     half sheet

Fresh Strawberry

Like Fresh Raspberry, but with fresh strawberries throughout. Seasonal availability.

9″ round  or  half sheet

Both Fresh Raspberry and Fresh Strawberry cakes can be decorated on the outside like any French Buttercream cake you see in the Cake Gallery.  Also, these are the only cake flavors that can be covered in Marzipan. 

Lemon Raspberry

Vanilla cake, layered with raspberry mousse and lemon cream, iced with french buttercream and topped with seedless raspberry preserves. Refrigeration required.

9″ round   or    half sheet

Burnt Almond

Vanilla cake, layered with a light vanilla custard. Covered with toasted sugared almonds. Refrigeration required.

9″ round,     quarter sheet,  or   half sheet

Special Gourmet Cakes

Cake choices:

Carrot, Opéra, Cappuccino Tiramisu

Sizes available:

All sizes are rectangular.

#1  (serves 10-12)

#2  (serves 12-15)

#3  (serves 16-20) (Quarter Sheet)

#4  (serves  40-45) (Half Sheet)


Moist cake with chopped walnuts, fresh carrots, crushed pineapple, and cinnamon. Iced with cream cheese/buttercream icing. Refrigeration required.

Note: Sides are decorated with toasted sugared almonds unless you request buttercream only.


Ten different layers that include: almond sponge cake, mocha buttercream, chocolate mousse, chocolate cake and chocolate ganache. Toasted sugared almonds decorate the sides. Refrigeration required.

Cappuccino Tiramisu

Vanilla cake layered with mascarpone mousse and cappuccino mousse, topped with whipped cream and white chocolate shavings with a light dusting of cocoa powder. Refrigeration required.

Note: The sides are decorated with toasted sugared almonds, unless you request to have graham cracker crumbs instead.

French Buttercream

Two layers of moist cake and one layer of authentic French Buttercream.

Cake choices:

Vanilla, Chocolate, Half & Half

Icing choices:

Vanilla or Chocolate Buttercream

Sizes available:

9″ round

 1/4 sheet (not available in Half & Half cake )

half sheet

full sheet



Small Layer Cake

Serves 8

Available in store daily. Message written while you wait.

One layer Vanilla and one layer Chocolate cake. Iced with French Buttercream.

Tarts as Cakes

Select any 8″ tart and have your message written on a Marzipan plaque.
8″ round (serves 8)

View full tart selection here.

Dinner Parties

For a small dinner party, an assortment of cake slices and dessert pastries is a unique alternative to a whole cake of one flavor. Cake by the slice is also a good choice if you don’t want cake left over. Available daily.